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Smart warehouse
Management system
Simplifying warehouse operations with technology, expertise and a lot of love for logistics
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Core Value

And it’s feature-packed!

Abundance of built-in features and utilities to help you
effortlessly manage all orders and oversee operations.

Operations Made Easy

Various picking stategies to suit your process. All picking routes are optimized for efficiency.
Each and every steps are standardized and designed for scaling up.
Real-time dashboards and reports are always at your fingertips. Visibility has never been easier.

Inbound-Outbound Made Easy

Customize processes to make them your own.
Inbound in batch, by scanning, with serial number, lot number, expiry date... You name it, we have it.
Outbound with packaging instruction, by batch, with bundling, with gifts... Everything is possible.
Track your shipment even after outbounding.

Human Errors Made Zero

Picking route is dictated by the system, eliminating picking at the wrong bin.
Every items and locations are scannable for the best accuracy.
Fulfill your orders with individualized packaging instruction, material and labels.

Uplifting Business


Select from our list of integrations. Or let us customize one for you!


Easily upload your products information to Amilo system


Real-time visibility of every activities in operations

Be Happy

Enjoy the peace of mind of centralizing all your channels in one place

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